Fabian Löwe

Age 33
Languages German / English
Status Open for new projects

I started web development about 10 years ago, out of curiosity. I visited lots of online courses and started coding my own world. My first professional job came a few years after I started tinkering around. It was a junior developer job, at a payment vendor company. Back then, I started to educate myself as qualified software engineer extra-occupationally alongside.

Today I've had the chance to be in several positions and domains across the business-landscape. Vertical farming, robotics, automotive - a variety of fields has helped me to grow my knowledge further into managing teams and processes. But I've never stopped coding :)

7+ Years of experience
2k Stars on GitHub
32 Positive feedback
77 Projects completed

Some of the companies I've worked in or with

Agile Robots
Bauernfeind & Löwe

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